Adriatic Experience Special Interest ACCENTS

Add a whole new dimension to your Adriatic Experience

You will never get the usual standard tour with us.   Every itinerary is designed specifically for you by AE specialists who know the people, the behind-the-scenes narrative, the hotels, the villas, the yachts, the itineraries and the special touches that make your trip unforgettable, truly authentic, fun & carefree.

Add a whole new dimension to your journey by adding one of our SPECIAL INTEREST ACCENTS

Historical, Cultural & Artistic

  • Historic & UNESCO sites
  • Monuments & Memorials
  • Art galleries and ateliers of international and local Croatian artists
  • Professional guided photography tours
  • Extend your journey to Prague, Vienna, Venice and the Balkans

Adriatic Cuisine & Wine

  • Cooking classes with local chefs representing Croatia’s diverse cuisine
  • Wine tours,  tastings and pairings in all 4 of Croatia’s wine regions


  • Bike through Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro & Bosnia countryside
  • Hike in extensive National Parks, mountains, remote islands & cultural  routes
  • Improve your sailing skills while island hopping in Dalmatia
  • Sea kayaking among the Dalmatian isladnds from Istria to the Elifiti islands