Timeless Brac

Gateway to the Dalmatia islands – accessible & unspoiled

“They came for a moment and stayed for a lifetime ” . . . so the saying goes.   They say Brac is bewitched – like the island of sirens,  those that come never leave.  

Once you arrive, you will understand the allure.  Dotted with age-old villages, Brac is the gateway to Dalmatia – timeless and unspoiled.  Brac is where yachts come and go all year around . . . where sailing traditions are a lifestyle . . . where olives are still pressed in the villages . . . where grapes are still harvested with family and friends . . . where stone is still crafted by hand . . . where life still continues in harmony with nature . . . where sun and sea still order daily life.

“Olive trees soften the surroundings and contribute to the region’s storied cuisine, including fresh fish, local cheeses and Plavac wine. Life moves at the right speed, guided by an old-world ethos.”– – – Islands Magazine 2009

Voted second in the “World’s Best Islands to Live On” by Islands Magazine, Brac’s countless protected bays, sailing, pristine turquoise waters , island lifestyle and perfect weather make it an idyllic sailing or villa holiday experience. Brac also has the widest choice of island Villas, from pampered luxury to barefoot beach to island casual.

Distance from mainland 50 minutes by car ferry, 30 minutes by catamaran or water taxi
Most known for Boating destination, sailing, boutique wineries, Brac stone, olive orchards & oil, stone mason school, sculptors, water sports, kayaking, hiking & biking
Historical sites 16th century Blaca Monestary, 15th century Dragon’s cave & cloisters, timeless villages and bell towers, olive oil museum
Hot spots Bol with iconic Zlatni Rat beach & nightlife, Milna Harbor for yachting, Sutivan for biking & adventure sports
Wine areas/wineries Senjkovic family winery in Dracevica, Jako Vino winery (Stina wine) in Bol
Daily speed boat island hopping from Milna for Day Trips to Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Mljet & Dubrovnik.  Ferries/Catamarans run to Supetar, Sumartin, Bol, Milna.  The Split to Supetar ferry runs almost hourly from 6am to midnight.
Marinas Well provisioned ACI marina plus 2 private marinas in Milna, all with power, water and facilities.   Milna also has town moorings & petrol station.   Supetar, Bol, Sumartin, Sutivan, Postira, Splitska, Bobovisce, Povlje & Pucisca all have town moorings.
Stone From the stone quarries to the stone Shepard huts, famous bell towers and intricate carvings of miniaturist Josip Radic, stone permeates Brac island.
Favorite Activities Sail around the island, bike from Summit to Sea, tour the stone and villages, Olive oil museum, kayak from Sutivan to Bobovisce, wine tasting & tapas at Senjkovic winery


Brac is the most accessible and best connected of the Dalmatian islands, with ferries and speed boats and taxi boats running frequently back and forth between various points on Brac, the mainland, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Vis and other islands.  Milna Harbor is the home to private & charter yachts from around the world and launch point to sailing the Split archipelago all the way to Dubrovnik.


Unspoiled villages are scattered across the island, where traditional life carries on with stone carving, fishing, olive, citrus and grape harvests. The cobbled streets of the villages were designed to be wide enough for a donkey with baskets on either side. Dramatic bell towers, picturesque chapels and headstones carved by local sculptors adorn cemeteries in almost every village.

Each village has a unique character and, in fact, a unique dialect. Villagers claim they cannot understand people from other villages (which may be only a few kilometers away). Not surprising if you consider that the old men still travel by donkey to the fields and in the early morning you can catch them on the roads, usually carrying olive branches.  A few kilometers by donkey is a long way!

Excellent fresh fish, family olive oil, traditional cuisine, home produced wine and local “grappa” can still be found in every village. The protected harbor of Milna on the southwest side of the island, is the new gathering place where international yachts linger for a taste of traditional village life and local fishermen sell their daily catch quaiside.


Brac is a center for water sports, adventure, hiking, biking and kayaking.

Sutivan, not far from Supetar ferry port, is the primary launch point for adventure sports.  Well marked maps of hiking and biking trails are available for self guided exploring.  Excellent bikes and kayaks can be rented daily.  Tour guides are skilled and knowledgable for all levels of activity from leisurely family trips to expert & challenging courses.

The town of Bol, a lively hot spot, boasts Zlatni Rat (a Croatian icon and beautiful beach) is the island center for water sports and daily boat rentals.