Olive Harvest on Brac Island

Join us for the time-honored traditions of the Olive Harvest and immerse yourself in local traditions from picking to pressing to tasting.   The best picking is from mid-October to the end of November, when the olives are plump and the weather is mild.  Gentle breezes and clear blue skies make picking a refreshing experience.

Join us and experience hand-picking olives in the stunning fields of Brac. Enjoy the brilliant light and air in the hillside olive fields while lending your hand to the picking.

  • Stay in private villa or quaint bed & breakfast
  • Olive picking in beautiful eco olive field with field dinner
  • Visit olive presses and learn about how the olives are processed in traditional press and centrifuge methods
  • Olive oil tastings
  • Traditional Dalmatian dinners with local ingredients  – organic produce, Brac lamb, fresh tuna or maybe wild boar if they are available
  • Optional wine tasting at premier Brac boutique wineries
  • Optional Dalmatian cooking classes
  • Option visit to stone masons

Every village has its olive press and processing. Once the olives are picked, we’ll tour different olive presses and see the various methods for making and bottling the oil. Here’s your chance to taste the difference and buy oil directly from the spout.

Contact us for more details and availability.