Restaurants on Brac

Brac island has a wide variety of restaurants scattered from the seaside to the interior, from Vagabundo with international cuisine in Bol, to Gajeta restaurant, seaside on the harbor in Milna.  You’ll also find many family restaurants in every village.  These are some of the favorites from our guests and locals:

  • Senjkovic Winery in Dracevica
    One of the leaders in the new Dalmatian cuisine, Magdalena is as creative with her cuisine as they are with their wines.  She uses traditional ingredients with a delightful twist.  Her food & wine pairing is a truly extraordinary experience.  Be sure to make reservations in advance.
  • Gajeta Restaurant in Milna
    Great location to watch the yachts come and go.  OK food and service.
  • Illyrian Resort in Milna
    Dalmatian food with fabulous terrace at the far side of the harbor, good grill and friendly owner. Lovely spot for drinks anytime.
  • Marina Restaurant in Milna
    Great location in the ACI Marina – enjoy the yachts, good breakfast, lunch and dinner – free WIFI.
  • Fontana Restaurant in Milna
    Traditional Dalmatian menu, lively atmosphere in the central village square. Friendly service and open late.
  • Palma Restaurant in Milna
    Nice patio, best for grilled steak and fresh fish.  Friendly service & easy to find location, just at the entrance to the village.
  • Slika Pizzeria in Milna
    Family pizza and pasta – great for kids, who can run around on the town quay.
  • Dupini Konoba in Milna
    On a backstreet near the entrance to the village – traditional konoba with decent prices and good food. Friendly owner.
  • The Fish House in Bol
    Traditional Konoba on the water, ok traditional food, not great service, but the location is fabulous – right on a pretty pebble beach.
  • Ziza Restaurant near Supetar
    Inland with beautiful views, local organic food and cool, lovely terraces. The owner is very welcoming with traditional Dalmatian hospitality.
  • Konoba Turanj near Supetar
    Great peka, Brac lamb and fresh organic vegetables from the owner’s farm, lovely set among the owner’s vineyard.  House wine is the owner’s own and a very nice surprise.  Relax while you wait for dinner with a cool glass of wine and a game of Bocce Ball.
  • Konoba Runjak near Supetar
    Great example of traditional Dalmatian family restaurant set among the olive trees with pure and fresh local produce and farm raised Brac lamb.
  • Kopacina Restaurant in Donje Humac
    Great grilled or roasted Brac lamb, steaks and fresh fish. Local cuisine and pretty view from the terrace. Thursday nights are Brac Lamb Night – Brac lamb made every way conceivable – all you can eat. Very friendly service.
  • Konoba Dori in Sutivan
    Considered the best traditional restaurant in Sutivan.
  • Bokuncin Restaurant in Sutivan
    Right on the harbor with seaside tables, Bokuncin is a refreshing surpass.  Dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients in new Dalmatian cuisine style. It is a great place to enjoy the nice breezy evenings watching the world stroll by and the local boats come and go.
  • Lemon Garden Restaurant at hotel of the same name in Sutivan
    Right on the harbor with seaside tables.   The food in good, especially their specialty dishes (dishes with lemon).  Good wine list.
  • Miki’s Restaurant in Sutivan
    The Sutivan institution, Miki’s, serves good traditional food and also is in a great location at the entrance to the village and a stone’s throw from the water.
  • Lucice Bay Seaside Restaurants
    On the southwest side of Brac island has 3 restaurants, which serve fresh catch of the day and are right on the water.  You can moor you boat right in front.
  • Teresa Ciccio Restaurant is between Bol and Lucice Bay
    Either pull up by boat – you will see a large sign – or follow the coastal road toward Mrvica from Bol and keep on going until you see a sign for the restaurant.  You will not be disappointed at this family restaurant overlooking the sea.
  • Punta Restaurant in Supetar
    Right on the water near the Supetras Hotels, this is a great spot, good food and friendly service
  • Dalmatino Konoba in Bobovisca na Moru
    Great family restaurant in tiny Bobovisca harbor with tradtional Dalmatian food, very friendly.
  • Osam Restaurant in Suptar
    New Dalmatian cuisine at Osam Hotel on the far side of the harbor from the ferry port. Pretty terrace overlooking the harbor, friendly service and good food.
  • Bracchia Restaurant in Selca
    Charming restaurant right in the church square with very good traditional food, excellent service.  The also have a gift shop with their own nicely-packaged fine Brac olive oils, jams, preserves & olive pastes.