Sutivan Village

Pretty seaside village - great beaches, graceful Brac stone buildings, center for adventure sports

Sutivan, on the Northwest side of Brac island is a charming, well preserved seaside village with lovely historic buildings and active lifestyle.    Known for its great beaches, stone buildings and unspoiled village life, Sutivan evokes the timeless Mediterranean lifestyle.

Sutivan is emerging as the sport & adventure destination for kayaking, water sports, hiking & biking.   Enjoy a truly unique vacation designed just for you, from athletic to family holidays.    Local guides take you behind the scenes to meet the unexpected or enjoy self guided activities with the help of local equipment rental providers.  Sutivan is also a great launch point for kayaking around the island.

Hiking and biking trails from the village criss-cross the entire island.  Local maps provide well documented and safe trails through the wandering hills, where you will see only olive orchards, vineyards, local wineries,  shepard’s huts, the occasional sheep, goats and donkeys.  Along the coast a myriad trails lead to secluded swimming coves and the occasional restaurant accessible only by boat or foot.

Local wine & olive oil tasting & great restaurants make Sutivan the perfect choice for holidays with friends & families.