Custom Cultural Journeys

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For ancient travelers, traders & conquerors seeking adventure, access to the sea and trade routes, Croatia became a well established passageway between east and west.  These visitors all left their mark on the landscape, architecture and culture.  Our Adriatic Experience Journeys are your chance to discover this tumultuous history, confluence of cultural influences and vivid natural beauty that is Croatia today.

Every itinerary is created specifically for you by your local AE Experiene Architect, who knows the people, the behind-the-scenes narrative, the hotels, the villas, the yachts, the itineraries and the special touches that make your trip unforgettable, truly authentic, fun & carefree.

We support the local people and environment.  All our Experience Makers are local and committed to excellent service & to creating unique experiences for our guests.  Our guides & experts are knowledgeable & friendly – they love to share their world with you – the age old stories, the anecdotes, the history, the places & the traditions.

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