Restaurants & Cuisine

The new Croatian cuisine blends traditional dishes, fresh ingredients & new style

New restaurants are popping up frequently in Split and the islands.  So experiment and enjoy traditional Dalmatian cuisine at family konobas, seaside trattorias and the latest trendy restaurants with a fusion of local ingredients with the panache and creative style of a new wave of internationally trained chefs.

Where possible we have given the website address.


Split has hidden restaurants scattered around the old town, overlooking the sea with beautiful views and everything from traditional family Dalmatian konobas with wonderful fresh fish and traditional dishes to continental cuisine with fabulous Croatian and Slovenian wine selections.

  • Paradigma Restaurant:
  • Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar:   no website
  • Bokeria:  no website
  • Bajamonti Cafe:
  • Mozzgoon:
  • F de mar:   no website
  • F Marine:  no website
  • F Caffe:
  • Villa Rosina:  no website
  • Zinfandel Wine Bar:  no website
  • Trattoria Tinel:
  • Pikulece – Croatian Tapas restaurant:
  • Nostromo:
  • Uje Oil, Wine & Croatian Tapas Bar:
  • Makrovega Vegetarian Restaurant:
  • Chops Grill:
  • Brasserie on 7:  no website
  • Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis Book Bar:  no website
  • Villa Spiza:  no website
  • Kavana Crème de la Crème:
  • Mediterraneum:  no website
  • Luxor Kvana:  no website
  • Le Monde:  no website
  • Figa Food Bar:  no website
  • Restaurant Apetit:
  • Trattoria Grego Levante:  no website
  • Konoba Pimpinella:
  • Tavern Matejuska:  no website
  • Tavern Kod Hvaranina:  no website
  • Tavern Tri Volta:  no website
  • Tavern Stare Grede:  no website


Istrian cuisine is a delicate balance between Italian, Mediterranean, native Istrian and continental Croatian influences.   Its unique location and terrain contribute to its distinct flavors and unique dishes.  Fresh fish from the coast, native herbs from the interior, world class wines from throughout the region, fresh citrus, native olive oils, farm fresh produce from local markets and wild game such as boar and duck give the new generation of chefs plenty of ingredients to create traditional dishes with a creative twist.

Among the many restaurants & family “konobas”  scattered along the Istrian hills and seaside, the following restaurants are a good place to begin your exploration:

  • Alla Beccaccia in Valbandon:
  • Astarea in Brtonigia:
  • Barba Danilo:   Rovinj
  • Batelina in Medulin:  no website
  • Buscina in Umag:
  • Blu Restaurant in Rovinj:
  • Cok Restaurant in  Novigrad:  no website
  • Damir & Ornella in Novigrad:
  • Divino in Porec:
  • Konoba Rina:  Momjan
  • Maestral Yacht Club in Rovinj:  no website
  • Mediterraneo & Wine Vault:  Rovinj in the Monte Mulini Resort
  • Meneghetti near Bale:
  • Milan in Pula:
  • Mondo Restaurant in Motovun
  • Monte in Rovinj:
  • Morgan in Brtonigla:  no website
  • Puntulina in Rovinj:  no website
  • Roko:  Opatija
  • San Rocco in Brtonigla:
  • Stari Podrum in Momjan:  no website
  • Sv. Nikola in Porec:
  • Toklarija in Buzet:  no website
  • Villa Annette in Rabac:
  • Wine Vault in Rovinj:
  • Zigante in Livade:


Brac island has a wide variety of restaurants scattered from the seaside to the interior, from Vagabundo with international cuisine in Bol, to Gajeta restaurant, seaside on the harbor in Milna.  You’ll also find many family restaurants in every village.

  • Gajeta Restaurant in Milna- Creative menu with local ingredients right on the harbor (also best pizza). Friendly owners. Try the great Brac torte for dessert – if you like chocolate, you can’t miss this.
  • Illyrian Resort in Milna – Dalmatian food with fabulous terrace at the far side of the harbor, good grill and friendly owner. Lovely spot for drinks anytime.
  • Marina Restaurant in Milna – Great location in the ACI Marina – enjoy the yachts, free WIFI.
  • Fontana Restaurant in Milna – Dalmatian food, lively atmosphere in the central village square. Friendly service and open late.
  • Slika Pizzeria in Milna – Family pizza and pasta – great for kids, who can run around on the rive.
  • The Fish House in Bol – Traditional Konoba on the water, ok traditional food, not great service, but the location is fabulous – right on a pretty pebble beach.
  • Vagabundo Restaurant in Bol – Great creative dishes, local fresh fish, beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, excellent service.
  • Ziza Restaurant near Supetar – inland with beautiful views, local organic food and cool, lovely terraces. The owner is very welcoming with traditional Dalmatian hospitality.
  • Konoba Turanj near Supetar
    Great peka, Brac lamb and fresh organic vegetables from the owner’s farm, lovely setting among the owner’s vineyard.  House wine is the owner’s own and a very nice surprise.  Relax while you wait for dinner with a cool glass of wine and a game of Bocce Ball.
  • Konoba Ranjak near Supetar
    Great example of traditional Dalmatian family restaurant set among the olive trees with pure and fresh local produce and farm raised Brac lamb.
  • Kopacina Restaurant in Donje Humac
    Great grilled or roasted Brac lamb, steaks and fresh fish. Local cuisine and pretty view from the terrace. Thursday nights are Brac Lamb Night – Brac lamb made every way conceivable – all you can eat. Very friendly service.
  • Konoba Dori in Sutivan
    Considered the best traditional restaurant in Sutivan.
  • Bokuncin Restaurant in Sutivan
    Right on the harbor with seaside tables, Bokuncin is a refreshing surpass.  Dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients in new Dalmatian cuisine style. It is a great place to enjoy the nice breezy evenings watching the world stroll by and the local boats come and go.
  • Miki’s Restaurant in Sutivan
    The Sutivan institution, Miki’s serves good traditional food and also is in a great location at the entrance to the village and a stone’s throw from the water.
  • Lucice Bay Seaside Restaurants
    On the southwest side of Brac island has 3 restaurants, which serve fresh catch of the day and are right on the water.  You can moor you boat right in front.
  • Teresa Ciccio Restaurant is between Bol and Lucice Bay
    Either pull up by boat – you will see a large sign – or follow the coastal road toward Mrvica from Bol and keep on going until you see a sign for the restaurant.  You will not be disappointed at this family restaurant overlooking the sea.


Hvar has good restaurants all over the island from Hvar town to Jelsa, Stari Grad, Ivan Dolac and hidden bays.   Hvar is known for its wines, so don’t forget to taste the local and garage wines!

Hvar Town

  • Gariful:
  • Passarola:
  • Nonica:  no website
  • Giaxa:
  • Luna:  no website
  • Paradise Garden:  no website
  • Macondo:  no website
  • Konoba Menego:
  • Konoba Robinson:
  • Restaurant diVino:
  • Restaurant Amo @ Podstine Hotel:


  • Pizzeria Jelsa – has more than just pizza:  no website
  • Jesa Mediterranean Restaurant:  no website
  • Cafe Splendid, especially for pastries:  no website
  • Me and Mrs. Jones:  no website
  • Turan:  no website
  • Konoba Nono:  no website
  • Marko’s: no website
  • Luberat:  no website
  • Pelago:  no website

Stari Grad

  • Bistro Kod Damira:  no website
  • Restaurant Passarola:  no website
  • Konoba Zvijesda Mora:  no website
  • Zlatna Skoljka:
  • Jurin Podrom:  no website
  • Il Teatrino:  no website
  • Dardin Tavern:  no website
  • Kod Barba Luke:  no website


Thank you to our partners Adria Luxury Travel for suggestions of their favorites.

  • LD Palace Restaurant (Relais & Chateau) – Korcula town – al fresco dining on the sea
  • Horizont:  View of the Porporela – located just outside the Ploce entrance
  • Nishta:  Vegetarian restaurant
  • Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota:
  • 360⁰:  trendy with great “New Dalmatia” cuisine
  • Gil’s Little Bistro:  just off of Stradun
  • Taj Mahal:  Bosnian cuisine
  • Proto:  wonderful fish restaurant
  • Nautika:  on Pile, right outside of the city walls
  • Posat:  just outside the city walls – great fish

Outside of Old Town:

  • Villa Ruza: on the Island of Kolocep
  • Konoba Dubrava:  on top of Srd – traditional, great peak
  • Panorama:  on Srđ, best view over all of Dubrovnik
  • Porat:   in Gruž, fine dining, cozy restaurant
  • Pivnica Dubrava:  on Mali Stradun – eat where the locals do
  • Bistro Izvor:  next to River Ombla in Rozat – newly opened, great spot on the river


  • Zori – Palmizana Island
  • Family Meneghello Restaurant on Palmizana
  • Barba Luka in Lucice Bay, Brac island
  • Ringo’s in a quiet bay on the northwest side of Hvar island facing Brac island
  • Restoran Pipo on the north side of Brac in Luka Bay between Povlje & Pucisca
  • Sismis Restaurant in Sesula Bay, not far from Maslinica on the South side of Solta


Known for its great cuisine and wines, Vis island has a wonderful range of restaurants from cozy family style with great local dishes to international bistros in Vis town.

  • Vila Kaliopa, Vis Town, set in a beautiful abandoned Roman villa courtyard, romantic and pretty.
  • Pojoda,Vis Town, is one of the best known by visitors as well as locals.   The owner also runs a cooking school (for men only).
  • Stoncica,  Stoncica bay,  a family trattoria, is set in the picturesque Stoncica bay.  Serving their own wine, olive oil, fruit and vegetables and even lamb, the result is a treat.
  • Val, in Kut, is on the waterfront on Vis harbor.  Great food, great setting, great time.
  • Vatrica, Vis Town,  is a cosy tavern with simple but tasty local dishes and great value.
  • Breakfast at Tihana’s, Vis town, is one of the more stylish restaurants, with great service in one of the old stylish Vis hotels, well actually the only old, stylish hotel in Vis.
  • Bako, in Komiza, has good fresh grilled fish and a lively atmosphere.
  • Jastozera, in Komiza, on the sea, is a “lobsteria”, as much a legend as a restaurant.  Serving lobster since the 1860s, and favorite spot of locals, wandering skippers and yachties, it is well worth a visit.


Brac, Hvar and the hill towns of Istria are famous for their olive oils.  In every village you will see signs for olive oil and an olive press.  Stop anywhere you see a sign that says “Maslina Ulje” or Olive Oil and you should get pure, local olive oil made from the family orchards.

The spicier oil is pressed from greener olives. If it is very musky, it might be mixed with vegetable oil – Yuk. Most local olive oil is cold pressed, extra virgin – the best in the world.  Ask to taste first.  It is normal to buy the oil in plastic recycled bottles (Coke or water bottles). You can take these home on the plane with you too.

Istria has taken its place among worldwide olive oil producers.  The 2014 edition of Flos Olei, a specialist guide to Olive Olis, includes more than 50 Istrian producers among entries in over 40 countries.

  • Ipša: 96 score
  • Basiaco Franco: 95 score
  • Zigante O.P.G., Giancarlo: 95 score
  • Zubin O.P.G. Enio: 92 score
  • Al Torcio: 92 score
  • Buršić O.P.G.: 90 score
  • Capo: 90 score
  • Mate: 90 score
  • Cossetto O.P.G.: 89 score
  • Babić: 88 score
  • Antonac: 88 score
  • Činić O.P.G. Nino: 88 score
  • Ipša O.P.G. Marija: 87 score
  • Reale: 87 score
  • Antolović O.P.G.Viviano: 86 score
  • Benvegnu Remiggio: 86 score
  • Cernaz O.P.G.: 86 score
  • Kmet O.P.G. Flavio: 86 score
  • Červar, Franko: 85 score
  • Laguna Novigrad: 85 score
  • Pincin – Monticello, Edo: 85 score
  • San Rocco – Primizia: 85 score
  • Vlatković O.P.G. Ivica: 85 score
  • Čeko: 84 score
  • Brajko O.P.G. Kristijan: 83 score
  • Olive Charm: 83 score
  • Vižintin, O.P.G. Goran: 82 score