Custom & Private Experiences

Insider Connection - Immersive Experiences - Flexible Itineraries

Let us inspire you with a custom and private holiday from Slovenia to Istria, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik & Montenegro – immerse yourself in local culture and experience the region with an insider connection:

  • Island hop the Split Archipelago and Elafiti Islands
    • Hiking, biking & kayaking along the way
  • Ride the coastal highway from Ljubljana to Dubrovnik
  • Explore traces of the ancient trade routes of  the Illyrians, Romans and Turks
  • Learn the secrets of Dalmatian & Istrian cuisine
  • Meet the vintners of Croatian Wine Renaissance
  • Discover old-world capitals, unspoiled villages, charming countryside
  • Immerse yourself in the friendly hospitality & rich history 
  • Lose yourself in the stunning nature 

Every itinerary is designed by a dedicated AE ExperienceArchitect and delivered by local AE ExperienceMakers who know the people, the behind-the-scenes narrative, the hotels, the villas, the yachts, the experiences and the special touches that make your trip unforgettable, truly authentic, fun & carefree.

Travel your way
     . . . your style, your pace, your experience

Start with one of our pre-designed itineraries and we’ll customize it just for you OR begin from the beginning with one of our Experience Architects with you step by step.  

Your interests provide the thread . . . 

  • Cultural Immersion
  • History & Architecture
  • Island Hopping
  • Wine, Cooking & Cuisine
  • Active
  • Photography
  • Geo-political
  • The ordinary and the extraordinary
  • Tell us about your special interests, no matter how esoteric


We craft a trip of a lifetime every time . . .

  • Flexible, custom itineraries
  • Authentic local experiences
  • Attentive personal support
  • Private, custom Adriatic Experience
  • Your style, your pace, your interests

You tell us how you like to travel and what your interests are – we make it all happen.