Team Building & Events


Our team building activities are organized around physical activities – everything from fun island explorations to rigorous challenges and competitions.  Our professional team works with you  to develop completely customized experiences for your group.  Some ideas:

  • Sailing adventures and challenges for groups of all sizes
  • Sailing regattas
  • Sailing flotillas for larger groups
  • Kayaking, biking, rock climbing challenges and games
  • Treasure hunts incorporating various activities and sites across the islands
  • Mulit-sport challenges

We create a unique program with you and organize everything, so your team is assured of a great experience, flawless delivery and inspiring results.

You will have a dedicated and professional local team who takes care of everything from planning before you arrive, to local oversight to followup communications.    We focus on the detailed planning, management and execution, so you can focus on the results and enjoy the experience.  Our team will:

  • Plan a unique experience with you
  • Manage all transportation and transfers
  • Organize accommodations and event locations
  • Manage all logistics
  • Engage local entertainment
  • Meet and greet all guests so they have an easy and relaxing experience
  • Provide A/V equipment
  • Organize parties, dinners, lunches and banquets
  • Provide special staff on demand
  • Hire a professional photographer/videographer to capture your experience
  • Take care of any special requests on site

For team building and special events, we can organize everything from a beach BBQ to a black tie event (or even a black tie beach BBQ).  Event locations for parties, dinners and accommodations may include:

  • Traditional sailing Gulets
  • Private sail or motor yachts
  • Elegant villas
  • Local wineries
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Local restaurants and clubs – some of which are accessible only by sea and known only by locals
  • Beach bars and restaurants
  • Private residences
  • Local museums

Contact us for more information and inspiration.