AE Experience Advisory

Attentive Advice - Unusual & Extraordinary Suggestions - Local Connection

Our local Experience Advisors get to know your interests, preferences and style then work with you to create your totally personalized trip-of-a-lifetime.  All of our advisors are local insiders, who know the off-the-beaten-path experiences, great hotels, yachts, guides & activities.    

Let us guide you through creating your dream trip with an emphasis on flexiblity, personalization & authenticity – your style, your pace, your interests, your budget.  We will be there all the way.  

  • Local & Authentic Experiences
    • Personalized Tours
    • Local Activities
    • Cultural Immersion
  • Your Interests
    • Active
    • Cultural
    • Historical
    • Architectural
    • Wine & Cuisine
    • Photography
    • Geo-political
    • The ordinary and the extraordinary
    • Ask us about your special interests, no matter how esoteric
  • Your Style & Pace
    • Your choice of self-guided or full service and everything in between
    • Private or group experiences – or mix it up
    • Active and leisurely
    • See-it-all or immersive pace
  • World-Class Sailing Charters
  • Exceptional Hotels
  • Authentic Houses & Apartments
  • Selected Restaurants
  • Private Wineries

Your experience advisor is here to help from start to finish. You tell us how you like to travel and what your interests are – we make it all happen. 

  • Unlimited phone consultations until your trip is complete and perfect
  • Complete custom itinerary with recommendations to choose from destinations, hotels, house rentals, activities, restaurants, yachts . . . 
  • Reliable local information
  • Local host available 24×7 while you are here
  • Contact list for service providers, guides, drivers, boat rentals, local activities and tours
  • Important local information, such as English speaking medical assistance
  • Concierge service to make restaurant reservations, arrange spontaneous activities
  • Accommodation reservations and confirmations



Travel your way
     . . .  your style, your pace, your experience