Wine Favorites

Among the wines our guests have voted their favorites wines for the price, listed in no particular order.

AE Guest Favorites

      • Krauthaker Grasevina
      • Dubokovic Medvid, Moj Otok & “No 11” Rose
      • Boskinac Cuvee
      • Korta Katarina Dingac
      • Coronica Malvazija
      • Grabovac Sparkling Wine
      • Tomac Millenium Sparkling Wine
      • Roxanich Malvasija Antica, Teran
      • Bibic Bas de Bas & Debit
      • Matošević Teran & Grimlada Cuvee
      • Senjkovic Vino Spoza Rose and Dita
      • Meneghetti Malvasija
      • Bura Postup
      • Jako Vino Stina Posip Majstor & Plavac Mali Stina Majstor
      • Ilocki Podrum Princeps sparkling wine
      • Tomic Plavac Mali
      • Plenkovic Zlatan Otok

AE Favorites

  • Bire Grk
  • Stine Posip
  • Krauthaker Grasevina
  • Matosevich Malvazija
  • Cornica Malvazija
  • Grgic Posip
  • Senjkovic
  • Korte Katarina
  • St. Hills
  • Kozlovic
  • Milos Stagnum
  • Matusko Dingac Reserve
  • Roxanich Teran
  • Dubokovic Medvjedica
  • Senjkovic Dita
Wine pairing experiences
  • Senjkovic winery “Tasting & Tapas” on Brac island
  • Meneghetti Wine estate in Istria
  • Chef’s table at LD Palace on Korcula
  • Pelegrini Restaurant in Sibenik


Grand Cro is a group of passionate winemakers who are working together to develop and promote the Croatian wine industry.    They love wine, are blending new ideas and methods with old world wine making traditions and are producing great wines.  Each of them is making unique contributions to this emerging Croatian Renaissance.   Their mission:

 “. . . our goal is to promote wines, which we believe best expresses the region
where we live and work.  Croatia is part of the old wine world.
We believe that our wines – Croatian wines produced from indigenous varietals
or international varietals with our specific Croatian terroir
 can stand equally on 
any world table.”

Today, the members of Grand Cro include some of the best winemakers in Croatia.  A tour of these wineries makes for a great theme because they represent the four major wine growing regions in Croatia and all have a sampling of wines from indigenous varietals:

Meneghetti         Bolfan         Bibich
St. Hills          Korta Katarina          Roxanich
Boskinac          Bakovic          Dubokovic

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