Private Wine Journeys

Discover new wines, meet master vintners, try indigenous varietals - and in the process discover Croatia

Wine is still very much a local industry in Croatia, with some of the best wines never leaving the village where they are produced.  

On our wine tours you’ll:

  • Discover great wines with a focus on indigenous varietals
  • Meet the owners
  • Experience emerging Dalmatian & Istrian cuisine with wine pairing dinners at some of the best restaurants in Croatia and Europe
  • Try traditional Dalmatian cuisine at exclusive dinners with local families at farm-to-table “konobas”, small trattorias and hidden seaside restaurants with fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea 
  • Wander the timeless villages of the Dalmatian islands, coastal region & Istrian Peninsula
  • Explore the wine regions of Croatia:  
    • Dalmatian islands (particularly Hvar, Brac & Korcula islands)
    • Peljesac Peninsula (the Napa Valley of Croatia)
    • Bucolic Istria – closest to Italy with unique terroir
    • Continental Croatia
  • Have the chance to buy local wines directly from the vintners

Wine embodies the history, the character & the land of a people. We hope you will enjoy your Croatian wine experience,  discover the unexpected, meet new friends, experience good times and return home with fond memories to share for a lifetime.

Customize your sail and add  a whole new dimension to your adventure with one of our  Red Thread Options.

Tours are from 7 to 10 days and include options to for sailing, island hopping, cultural and historic tours and activities such as hiking, biking & kayaking.

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