Senjkovic Family Winery

Leaders in the Croatian wine renaissance and emerging Dalmatian cuisine

Senjkovic is in a tiny village in the middle of Brac, where the Senjkovic family has been producing wines for over 100 years. Sasa and Magdalena, the master vintners, are introducing creative & innovative vineyard management techniques. One of their secrets is the method they use for planting and preserving moisture in the rocky soil of Brac.



Senjkovic is famous for their Plavac Mali wines, including a fabulous Rose, which sells before it is even bottled. Senjkovic produces about 20,000 bottles per year and only 3 or 4 labels. Wines: Bosso, Brocki Ric, Vino Spoza

Magdalena is also a gracious hostess and is as creative with her cuisine as with her wines. Her wine & food pairing is an extraordinary experience. Be sure to make reservations in advance.