Culture & History

By land or by sea, our cultural 10 to 21 Day Tours take you back in time to discover the rich heritage and traditions,  preserved in local stories & cuisine. We explore Croatia’s architecture, stone masonry, monasteries, diverse architecture, wine making, olive oil production, lavender oil processing and of course traditional cuisine and wines.

Explore the essence of Croatia in 10 days with your private guide:

  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites (7 sites)
  • Discover trendy Split home of the Dalmatian Renaissance in food & cuisine
  • Walk the fortress walls of Iconic Dubrovnik
  • Explore the hill towns of Istria and their  famous truffles, wine and cuisine 
  • Wander Plitvice Lakes – see why this is one of the most famous natural wonders in Europe 
  • Island hop along the Dalmatian coast – stopping on famous and remote islands, unspoiled villages, hidden bays and local seaside restaurants

Our guides are local experts, who know the anecdotes, the history, the culture and the local narratives. Our more academic tours pair up local guides with scholars and experts in the cultural heritage, art, architecture, and history of the region.

Art & Architecture Journey