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Discover the enchanting allure of the Adriatic.  

Croatia is experiencing a cultural sea change from old-world eastern European charm to vibrant Mediterranean style. Dalmatia is where the Adriatic’s vivid history converges with today’s Croatian Renaissance.  

Thank you for choosing Adriatic Experience to show you the transformation – the unseen & the stunning –  the pristine appeal, the seascapes & topography, the intimate old world charm, the refreshingly welcoming people, and the rich history.   

This page is to help keep all your information current and accurate.  We will update it from time-to-time with more information.

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Itinerary | One Off Forum Croatian Odyssey | September 29 to October 6, 2018

Your Core Croatian Team:
Trip Concierge:            Nina Burns, co-founder, Adriatic Experience
Trip Director:               Ana Tokic, founder, Dubrovnik Area Partner
Trip Photographer:      Robert Srzentic, co-founder, Adriatic Experience
Split Host/Guide:         Leo Nikolic,  art historian & professor of Dalmatian Heritage

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