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Immerse yourself in island life
       . . .  your style, your pace, your interests

Whatever your tastes and style, you’ll find just the experience you are looking for – a secluded villa hidden along the coast and accessible only by boat, a beachy seaside villa in exclusive DUBOKA BAY, an authentic stone villa in a charming seaside village, a secluded country villa in stunning ISTRIA, a breathtaking modern villa with expansive views of the sea on TIMELESS BRAC ISLAND.

Self catering or full service options let you choose your style:

For a really special Adriatic experience, extend your stay for a week SAILING.

Duboka Bay Villas

A unique collection of environmentally friendly, solar powered villas in the stunning setting above Duboka Bay

Seaside Villas

The true experience of Croatia is in its islands, the clear waters of the Adriatic sea and its villages. Our seaside villas are all within 50 meter of the sea, all have pathways to the sea and all have exceptional views and character.

Istrian Wine Country

Our growing collection of Istrian villas are scattered in the hill towns of the Istrian wine country, never far from the spectacular coastline.

Villas in Seaside Villages

Experience authentic village life in one of our renovated stone villas – you’ll feel like a local.