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Here are reviews and comments submitted by some of our guests.  Please contact us for references on specific villas, destinations or Adriatic Experience.

One of our team members said ” it was my best holiday ever”. It was a great relaxing place in a very nice house. The water was extremely clean.   

                                            — Swedish Family,  2014

Villa Folie a Deux – July 2013

Villa Folie a Deux – June 2013

Villa Folie a Deux – Sept 2014

Villa Paloma was an amazing house and lovely people who owns the house. This house you can suggest for everybody. We are all very pleased with everything. The bikes, house, location, water, beach. We love Sutivan and we will come back next year.

                                         — Austrian family, 2015

Villa Paloma – Sept 2013

Villa Paloma – Aug 2013

Villa Paloma – July 2013

Villa Paloma – Aug 2012

Villa Paloma – July 2012

We had a great stay. The cottages and pool were excellent.  We liked being so close to the sea and the village.                           

                                         — Norwegian Family, 2014

Sea Ranch – August 2013

We had a fantastic week in Duboka Bay, which actually three generations enjoyed very much. This place is for people seeking peace and quiet luxury.                     

                                         — English Family, 2014

Villa Duboka – Sept 2013

“Here we are back to work after our trip through Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia.
… it is very rare that we stay one week in the same place … But this year we had decided to land on the seaside … For that we chose your house, Farniente, and I can tell you that your home is in a small corner of paradise we have learned to appreciate and enjoy so much that we did not move for almost a week …
Your house is also pleasant to live with the sun. The discussions I have had with Adriatic Experience by email or directly with the person on site were very good.
So we’re back in our Brittany, which is not bad either but with less warm waters !!         

                                         — French Family, 2015

We had a wonderful birthday holiday at Farniente. Our dinner at the seaside restaurant with the view of the bay with the sailboats was breathtaking. From being picked up by boat, to the delicious food and ambiance will be a night we will remember all our lives.             

I can’t thank you enough.   I have already posted your name and site on my Facebook since friends and acquaintances are already asking where to find a good place on this island.  I also told them how organized everything has been.   Again, thank you for organizing a great evening for the birthday. We even had 6 Croatians sing Happy Birthday.          

                                         — Los Angeles, CA 2014

Would just like to say thanks for a great vacation. Last week at Sea Orchard was superb, and the villa (and the owners) itself was incredible.              

                                         — English Family, 2014

Sea Orchard – June 2014