Yacht Club Benefits Program

Best Yacht Selections | Discounts | Local Sailing Connection | Insider Information

Our Adriatic Experience Yacht Club Members Program is a simple & exclusive way for members of any Yacht Club to get the most out of sailing the Adriatic.  

Through our programs, yacht club members get:

  • Best yacht selection & services
  • Club discounts
  • Connections with other sailing enthusiasts & yacht club members
  • Detailed insider information about sailing routes, sea & weather conditions, local marinas, anchorages & moorings
  • On-call local Skipper who is available throughout your sail to help develop your itinerary, answer questions and provide insider tips 

Once registered, you will have an exclusive Adriatic Experience representative & local host, who will coordinate all yacht charters, club benefits, special programs & activities so you & your guests enjoy a stellar Adriatic sailing experience.