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The  history of Croatia is simply put into perspective by our friend from Istria:    “My grandfather lived in Austria, my father was born in Italy, I was raised in Yugoslavia, my daughter was born in Croatia . . . yet nobody ever left our family home.”      Historically a corridor of culture between east and west, the ancient Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Illyrians, Austro-Hungarians, Turks, Italians, even Genghis Khan left their footprints in Croatia.

Experience this timeless culture where the influences of a time gone by are still palpable and the colorful palette of its unspoiled islands await you – all in the very heart of Europe.


Explore Croatia –  land of 1,000 islands, turquoise sea, natural beauty, historical architecture & European style  –  where the Adriatic’s colorful history converges with today’s Croatian Renaissance.


Immerse yourself  in the island lifestyle, local experiences, emerging wine renaissance, active holidays & unforgettable sailing around the Adriatic islands.

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