Adriatic Experience

Immerse yourself in the culture, the sea, the experience

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience”  –  Francis Bacon

AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES .  .  . immerse yourself in timeless Croatia, where the influences of a time gone by are still palpable and over 1000 unspoiled islands await you – warm Croatian sun, stunning land & seascapes, active lifestyle, local hospitality, turquoise sea and world class-sailing – all in the very heart of Europe.       LOCAL CONNECTION  . . . our guides, drivers, skippers & experts are local, knowledgeable & friendly.  They love to share their world with you – personal insights, insider tips, age old stories, anecdotes, history, culture and traditions. You’ll meet friends, historians, leaders and local characters . . . every day people from all walks of life.  

CULTURAL INSIGHTS .  .  . explore Croatia’s diverse culture, emerging wines & cuisine, historical architecture, monuments, castles, regional politics, medieval villages and European style –  where the Adriatic’s evocative history converges with today’s Croatian Renaissance.    LASTING MEMORIES . . . you will return home with a new perspective, lingering impression of Croatia’s eclectic culture and fond memories of new friends met along the way.  

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