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Biking in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina all the way through Montenegro, Albania and on to Greece is spectacular and covers every kind of terrain from Alpine to seaside.  Excellent roads criss cross the Balkans from dirt backroads to easy riding hiways to long and winding coastal roads.

Whether you are a looking for leisurely ride or thrilling adventure we’ll creatre an unforgettable ride with professional guides, beautiful scenery, interesting and fun stops along the way.

Our expert guides create a premier, safe and unique touring experience. They know the roads & routes, the people and destinations intimately and love to share their deep heritage with you.

It's not just what we do . . . it's how we do it

      • Choose the perfect bike 
      • Create your fully custom & flexible itinerary 
      • Choose your style, interests and pace 
      • Expert, friendly and safe guides & support crews

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