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Croatia’s character and tumultuous history are inextricably entangled with the sea and the flow of trade to and from Europe and the East. The rich history, complex culture, pristine waters, 1000 islands, world class sailing and charm of its unspoiled villages make Croatia an irresistible holiday destination in the very heart of Europe.

Its not just the notes you play but how you play the notes . . .

The constant flow of people has influenced the distinct island culture and continental flavor of the mainland – even affecting its language, which is Slavic with a strong influence of Italian (with Venetian and Tuscan dialects for added flavor), German, Turkish and English.

The lingering effect is visible everywhere, from the Viennese flavor of the cafes in Opatia on the Istrian coast to the Roman ruins in Cavtat, a waystop south of Dubrovnik, which was actually founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC. Even today, Croatia’s geography influences its destiny, culture, cuisine and place in history.

The identity of its people is shaped by its seafaring lifestyle, its 5,000 km of rugged coastline, its diverse geography, and its rich continental culture influenced by a host of foreign travelers, conquerors and traders throughout the centuries traipsing between the East, Dubrovnik, Continental Europe and Istria.

Explore this fascinating region from north to south . . .

  • Unspoiled Croatia
  • Charming Slovenia
  • Mystical Montenegro
  • Historic Bosnia & Herzeogovina
  • Glorious Greece
  • Stunning Sardinia & the Amalfi Coast

Seeking access to the sea and trade routes between east and west, the region became a safe passage for trade and intruders – each visitor leaving their mark on the landscape, architecture and culture. The Illyrians date back to 1000 BC, the Greeks to the 4th century BC, followed by the Romans, the Venetians, the Ottomans, the Austro Hungarians and the Italians.

Today you can even visit sites of 13th century battles between the Croatians and the Mongols. Napoleon marched all the way through Istria to southern Dalmatia, leaving his indelible influence on Croatia. After the battle of Austerlitz, most of Croatia became a satellite of Napoleon’s French Republic. Some claim that Napoleon said “Give me 100,000 Croatian soldiers and I will conqure all the world”. Even Ghengis Khan and Daenerys Targaryen left their footprints in Croatia.


The Split Archipelago

The 1000 islands of Dalmatia are the most accessible in Europe by private yacht and excellent ferry lines, while Island life is still preserved in the quaint villages, giving you the best of both worlds.

Bucolic Istria

Istria will capture your heart - the old world charm, bucolic villages, raw port towns, picturesque seaside promenades & casual tempo make it a uniquely Croatian experience.

Captivating Slovenia

Slovenia is a tiny country with stunning scenery, medieval castles, cafe culture and one of the most charming capitals in Europe. Ljubljana is the romantic old-world capital with riverside wine bars, centuries-old cobbled streets and baroque architecture.

Iconic Dubrovnik

In the far south of Croatia, the Republic of Dubrovnik has been a vital commercial center for centuries, shuttling goods between Byzantium and the east and Venice and the west. Reaching its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries, foreign merchants travelled freely in and out of Dubrovnik and the city had a large fleet of merchant ships that travelled the world over, as far as India and America. And so the merchants brought stories, ideas and goods home to Dubrovnik – further influencing the amalgam of culture, which spread across Dalmatia.

Historic Bosnia & Herzegovina

A trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina is like a trip through the history of the Balkans - complicated and teaming with diverse culture, historial icons and beautiful nature.  Croatia's closet neighbor, they share a deep and lasting affinity, despite historic conflicts and cultural differences.  Here is where east truly meets west - an amalgam of culture, religions, traditions and people - a truly living testament.

Greek Islands

Exploring Greece is an adventure that will echo in your heart forever and call to you to return - the allure of the islands, the blinding sparkle of the sea, the tempera colors, the warm carefreeness of the people, the tug of the ancients on your soul . . .

Unspoiled Brac Island

"They came for a moment and stayed for a lifetime " . . . so the saying goes.   They say Brac is bewitched - like the island of sirens,  those that come never leave.