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Croatia is experiencing a cultural renaissance and historical shift.  The influences of a time gone by are still palpable as the region moves from socialism to an open market.

Witness this formative transformation. Dive into the culture, the history, the politics and the arts with more in-depth information, local insights and useful information for your visit to Croatia.

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Restaurant Recommendations

New restaurants are popping up all over Croatia. Our guides, skppers and local Experience Makers are constantly exploring new ideas for you to try.

Buying Croatian Wines

There are lots of good Croatian wines in all price ranges. Be adventurous –  when you are in restaurants and villages, try the local wines.

Croatian Wine Regions

There are lots of good Croatian wines in all price ranges. Be adventurous –  when you are in restaurants and villages, try the local wines.

Croatian Varietals

Croatia boasts as many as 60 indigenous varietals grown in essentially 4 primary wine growing regions – continental (Slavonia/Zagorje/ Zagreb area), Istria (peninsula between Rijeka, Italy and Slovenia), Dalmatian Islands along to the coast and islands) & South Dalmatia, including the Peljesac Peninsula. About 2/3 of Croatian varietals are white (mostly from the north and continental regions). The remaining 1/3 reds, are mostly from the coastal regions and Istria.

AE Favorite Experiences

Experience the essence of Croatia . . . create lasting memories . . . make new friends with these truly inspiring and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Events Locals Love

Croatians love to celebrate their special occasions and ancient traditions. These select events and festivals are deep local traditions, which we invite you to share with local residents.

Travel Tips

Croatia is a friendly, unspoiled, European country.  The country is clean, has good water, the roads are generally quite good and the sailing environment is well developed.  The ferry system is excellent and runs on time.   There are Cash Machines in airports, cities and many villages. Credit cards are generally accepted in the cities, but not necessarily in the countryside on the islands and in smaller restaurants & shops.   The local currency is Kuna.

Good Reads

Much has been written, especially in modern times, about the complicated Balkans. And Croatian literature is rich,  often with an ethereal or mystical component with deep Slavic emotion. Here are recommnedations from our AE crew and guests of travel, fiction & non-fiction books, articles and references, which give insight into the people, region, culture, history & pshyche of Croatia and the Balkans.

Sailing Holiday Checklist

Swimsuits, Beach towels for sunbathing (or order ahead and we will have them for you at a small charge), T-shirts, Shorts, Casual evening wear, Windproof jacket, Deck shoes (white sole closed canvas or boat shoes are best), Sun hat . . .

Marinas in Croatia

Croatia has a fully developed infrastructure of well maintained and serviced marinas as well as thousands of safe harbors, coves, bays, town quays, safe moorings and anchorages.  You are never far from a safe haven.