Island Cultural & Active Learning

Discover a new passion - create family memories - learn together

Learn about local life, try a new skill, enjoy a day of activity. Learn something new the whole family can enjoy that will last a lifetime. Try something new with the safety and security of private coaches and guides.

As long as you are learning at home, why not try something new with
in-depth, age-appropriate hands-on learning taught by local experts
–  “kids only” or “bring the parents”.

Learn to sail

  • Learn to sail with local skipper, including technical aspects such as the physics of sailing, navigation and coast guard regulations. Certificate programs also available.
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Explore Dalmatian history & culture

  • Learn about the critical role of island monasteries as the center of education, commerce, science, astronomy and intellectual life in medieval times
  • Explore the tumultuous history of island life and the Balkans through its architecture, agriculture, ancient ruins and hidden hermit caves

Learn to rock climb

  • Learn the fundamental techniques of rock climbing
    • Movement and balance
    • Anchors & abseiling
    • Safety
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Learn the secrets of Dalmatian cooking

  • Learn the cultural and medicinal value of traditional Dalmatian and Mediterranean dishes and local ingredients through hands-on cooking classes with local chefs
  • Learn how to pick the perfect ingredients and how to be creative with what you have

Experience the stone - hands on discovery

From the stone quarries to the stone Shepard huts, famous bell towers and intricate carvings of miniaturist Josip Radic, stone permeates Brac island.  Following the thread of the stone takes you across the entire island, through the villages and olive orchards, ancient ruins and vineyards.

  • Visit stone quarries, stone mason school, mason’s workshop and sculptor’s studio
  • Try your hand at stone carving and stone laying
  • Learn how dry stone walls and shepards huts are made
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Discover the art & economics of the perfect olive oil

  • Learn the secrets of how to the best produce olive oil with local award-winning producer
  • Learn everything about olive oil production:
    • the history and importance of olive oil to island economy
    • orchard management
    • chemistry
    • picking & processing techniques
    • press vs centrifuge methods
    • economics & certification requirements
  • Visit presses across the island from ancient donkey-powered press, to age old village presses to modern centrifuge (October & November)
  • Help with the olive harvest in October & November

Learn a new water sport

  • Try your hand at SUP, Kayak or Wind surfing
  • Private classes from local experts:
    • Beginner & expert classes
    • Group or individual classes
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