Discover the Croatian Wine Renaissance

Discover New Wines | Meet Master Vintners | Taste Indigenous Varietals

Croatia is experiencing a wine & cullinary renaissance as vintners take their place on the internationl scene and new chefs across the country add creative twists to tradtional cuisine.

From Istria in the north to the southern Dalmatian islands, Croatia’s wines have taken their place among top european vintages since before Roman times.  In the 5th century BC the Greeks brought the first known Plavac Mali vines to southern Hvar and Korcula islands. Later, the Romans expanded cultivation throughout Istria and Dalmatia. Today, Croatian wines are winning international competitions – 52 won awards at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards , 65 won awards in 2012 and 95 in 2013.

Explore the secrets of regional specialties, discover new wines, meet master chefs & vintners across Croatia. We’ll take you on a taste-full journey of Croatia’s Food & Wine Renaissance from Istria (the Tuscany of Croatia) to Split (the trend setter of Dalmatian food & wine),  island hopping along the Dalmatian coast, through the Peljesac wine peninsula and on to Dubrovnik.  


  • Discover great wines with a focus on indigenous varietals
  • Meet the owners and master vintners
  • Experience emerging Dalmatian & Istrian cuisine with wine pairing dinners at some of the best restaurants in Croatia and Europe
  • Try traditional Dalmatian cuisine at exclusive dinners with local families at farm-to-table “konobas”, small trattorias and hidden seaside restaurants with fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea 
  • Wander the timeless villages of the Dalmatian islands, coastal region & Istrian Peninsula
  • Explore the wine regions of Croatia:  
    • Dalmatian islands (particularly Hvar, Brac & Korcula islands)
    • Peljesac Peninsula (the Napa Valley of Croatia)
    • Bucolic Istria – closest to Italy with unique terroir
    • Continental Croatia
  • Have the chance to buy local wines directly from the vintners


Sieze the opportunity to experience the dawn of an up and coming wine region

From the Continental to Istrian to Dalmatian regions, Croatia is experiencing a wine renaissance – a burgeoning of boutique wineries, the expansion of name brands and innovation among traditional family wineries as they are handed from father to daughters & sons.