Tells about your food preferences and requests

Thank you for choosing Adriatic Experience for your sailing adventure.

To make your experience as seamless and easy as possible, please provide us with the following general food preferences for all the guests included in your holiday.

We will provide sample menu choices from your crew prior to sailing. They will discuss with you each day the menus for the following day.

  • Indicate which of the following choices you generally prefer in your menus.
  • Please indicate quantities of alcoholic beverages you would like. It is also helpful to give price ranges, particularly for wines. Also indicate if you have a preference for particular brands. Please note that there may be a premium for international brands.
  • Lets us know if there is anything we missed - additional information you consider important for your enjoyment and comfort during your holiday - special requests, preferences, anything you would like your host and crew to know.
  • Let us know if anyone has food or other allergies, sensitivities, medical or other conditions we should know about.
  • Please indicate shoe size for snorkel gear and heights for all passengers for bike rentals/tours.